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Saturday, June 8, 2013


Author: Nikki Rae
Book Format: ePub - Nook
Obtained: From Author as gift
My Rating: 3 stars
Pages: 330
Published: 2013

Sophie “Sunshine” was anything but a typical teenage girl. Suffering from a rare condition, solar urticaria, she lived her life the best she could. She only had a couple of real friends, Boo and Trei (who happened to be brother and sister), until a young man, Myles, came into her life.

Sophie was not one to get close to new people, let alone a male suitor, and it tended to make her physically sick when someone attempted to get close to her – for unspeakable reasons. After getting kicked out of her mother’s house and moving in with her brother, Jade, and his boyfriend Stevie, she began to allow herself to get closer to Myles and a “friendship” began to emerge.

Myles knew that there was something about Sophie that she was not telling him. No matter how many times he asked, she would not let him know. When weird things started happening to Myles, it was Sophie that started asking questions. Myles finally decided to fill her in on the fact that he was dead!

Now that she knew, it was up to Myles to try to find out what she was keeping from him, and to keep her from the dangers that were heading her way.

This is not a bad “love story” written by a new author, as this is her first, self-edited and self-published novel. It has its flaws, but it also is able to keep the reader interested. It does tend to run along the same storyline as some other similar novels, but it also sticks to the typical – girl meets boy, girl tries to show no interest in boy, boy won’t go away, girl starts to fall for boy – storyline.

I would recommend for everyone to get a copy of this novel and give it a read.

Available From: Amazon, Barnes & Noble

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