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Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Tale of the Fisherman's Daughter

Author: Paul K. B. Mercer
Book Format: ePub (Nook)
Obtained: From Publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.
My Rating: 2 stars
Pages: 338 on my Nook (662 according to Goodreads)
Published: November 19th 2012 by Itoh Press


A young Italian woman will go to any lengths to achieve her goals, even if that means committing cold-blooded murder from the unknown and powerless to the highest levels of government. Is there anyone who will dare stop her reign of terror and bloodshed? How many will be found dead before they discover who she is? Will the power she has amassed grant her freedom?


I chose this book from a list offered by the publisher for review. Based solely on the synopsis, I felt that this book was going to be exciting and full of action and adventure. In the end, I was right, but then again, I was wrong.

The main character, Angelina, left home at 19. She was tired of living as a peasant, working on an olive farm and living in a small fishing village in Italy. She felt that there was a better life for her out there somewhere, so she told her father goodbye and left, without saying a word to her mother. Soon thereafter, she was in the wrong place at the right time and ended up joining a Mafia family. After proving her worth, and proving that she would do “anything” to get ahead, she was soon one of the top members of the “family” and the Mafia Boss’s lover.

When disaster strikes the “family,” when the top henchman suddenly remembers what happened to him and his real family years ago, all of the “family” is murdered, except for Angelina. After escaping the tragedy, she goes and has her face surgically altered, and successfully changes her identity and becomes Victoria. In order to test her new look she revisits her home village and shows up at her father door. She learns that her mother died years ago, and that she has a little brother.

After confirming that her new identity is good, she sets off for the United States, which is where her new identity is from. Upon arriving in America, she seeks out one of the Senators that is running for President (he was also a target of the Mafia earlier in the book) and weasels her way onto his campaign staff. During this time she has a fling with the sitting President, who happens to be a bachelor, and finds out that he will run for a second term if there was no other choice. Upon hearing this information, she kills the Senator and kind of forces the President’s hand in running for the second term. Where, soon after, he takes her as his wife.

Being the First Lady is not enough for her. However, she finds that her further goals and want of power will be hard to come by for her secret is trying to reveal itself. And, soon she realizes that all the power has her about to crack up.

I gave this book 2 stars, but I honestly believe that it could have been 4 stars, easily. I liked the plot, the action was good, and the author was able to keep my interest for the most part. However, what made me give it a lower rating is because of a few mistakes I felt the author made in writing this book.

One: He dedicated an entire chapter to building up a character whose only purpose was to be killed off the next time he was mentioned.

Two: He did another deep character buildup for a character that was only in the book to eventually support one of the candidates running for president.

Three: Although I know this is a work of fiction, some events should be researched more and be portrayed a little more accurately. The author was claiming that America’s Presidential inauguration happened right after the vote in November when it isn’t held until January of the following year.

Four: The pacing of the book was off, I felt. There were some chapters that were too long, uncomfortably long. And there were some that I felt were rushed. I actually felt that the final 8-10 chapters were a little rushed.

With that being said, I feel that, with a little more editing and condensing, this book could have been an extremely good bit of fiction. When the pacing was good, it was a page turner that I did not want to put down.

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