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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Money for Blood

Book Title: Money for Blood
Author: Darry Fraser
Book Format: ePub (Nook)
Obtained: From Publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review
My Rating: 3 stars
Pages: 209
Published: May 19, 2013 by Steam eReads


When Joseph McInerney returns with his millions to his childhood home on Australis Island, he hopes to capture something of the simple days of his youth. What he doesn’t bank on is his dysfunctional family, his friendly grocer, the publican or the hostile population of his hometown having their say when he finds the love of his life, the fearless but prickly Cloudy Bannon. The island is then hit by a series of murders and Joseph is about to find out that all the money in the world can’t always get you what you want, especially not the woman you love.


I was contacted by the publisher to see if I was interested in reviewing a romance novel. Since I never really read a romance, other than the paranormal/vampire romance, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I decided on Money for Blood because the synopsis caught my attention and seemed to be one that I could really get in to.

Joseph returns to his home town after winning $15 million and being away for a few years. His return is not very well accepted by the rest of the town, and not even his own family. They all believe that he has alternative motives.

One of the local women, Cloudy, catches his eye and he tries everything in his power to get her to be interested in him. However, due to previous disastrous relationships, Cloudy has pretty much written off all men. Joseph does not know what he has to do to make her realize that he is just interested in her.

When tragedy begins to strike everyone in Joseph’s life, including Cloudy, he is beside himself and is trying to cope the best he can. Realizing that he is going to have to deal with these situations on his own, he decides to just walk away…or is he really going to be alone?

I wasn’t really sure what to expect with this book. In the beginning it was a little difficult to read as the author had a lot of thoughts and happening smashed together. However, once the story really got going it was really a good read, and one that I did not want to put down. I was expecting a little more “romance” throughout the story, but was pleased with it being more of a suspense novel.

I rated it 3 stars because I felt that it could have had more, or been focused more, on either the suspense or romance side of the genre. I felt that the author wanted it to be a really hot and steamy romance novel, but feel that she really did not know how to get it there, or was afraid to go into more detail with the romance sections. But, she is a really good suspense story teller.

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